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Networks by Design, Inc. has a long standing reputation as #1 New York Data Recovery Service. We offer you a fast, and cost-effective New York data recovery solutions to get your data off your broken hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, servers and more. We are able to extract lost data from malfunctioning hard drives including the most popular drive types IDE, SATA, eSATA, SD Cards, Memory Chips, SCSI, RAID array hard drives. We also can recover data from Broken / Snapped or Formatted Memory Card, Chips, USB Thumb Drives and other Devices that save data.

  1. Stop using the drive immediately.
  2. Do no open the drive casing.
  3. Do not format or defrag the drive.
  4. Keep the drive in a cool dry place. (Not the freezer)
  5. Contact Networks by Design, Inc. New York Data Recovery Center
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